1. Where can I find Wuf Shanti videos and the TV Show? All of our videos are on this website, as well as on YouTube . Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. It is free to subscribe. We are also honored that the Children’s TV Network, the in-house station at Children Hospitals across the country, are distributing our videos in their hospitals . Our videos are also on local PBS stations, and can be accessed via our mobile app. We hope these videos bring you joy. Thank you for joining our mission and sharing our intentions to make a positive difference in the world.

2. Can I hire Wuf Shanti for events?

Wuf Shanti visits children hospitals, nursing homes, schools, bookstores, yoga studios, yoga festivals, charitable organizations, and other events. If you would like to hire Wuf Shanti for a private event, please complete the form on the contact us page of this site:

3. Can I interview Wuf Shanti for my school, newpaper, magazine, podcast, radio, or TV show?

Please complete the form on the contact us page of this site, and we will make every effort to accommodate you if possible.

4. Will you work on charitable projects with non-profit organizations?

We are very proud of our efforts on behalf of many different kinds of charities, and we are happy to team up towards healing this planet and making it a better place for our kids to grow up and live in. Please complete the form on the contact us page of this site with your request:

5. Are the shirts made in America?

Our current inventory is, Yes. We have a couple of styles that are not, and if that is the case, we will let you know in the shirt’s description. By the way, our books and pants were also made in America. *Please note that our shirts are manufactured by our friends at WeGo-Kids. They have the same great 100% organic cotton, designs and mantras, except they will be appliqued instead of screen printed, and made in India. The shirts are certified to meet or exceed the GOTS specification, dyed with AZO-free/heavy metal-free eco-friendly dyes, nickel free snaps to prevent allergic reaction, and available in both long sleeve and short sleeve. We are excited to embark upon this new adventure. For cleaning and safety information, please visit

6. Are the shirts organic?

Yes, 100% organic cotton. The doggie shirts are 100% cotton; however, we are still looking for a supplier to make them organically. The women’s shirts have some bamboo, and we let you know that in the product’s description.

7. What are the sizing/washing instructions?

We would suggest buying the next size up. Please make sure to hand wash or wash the t-shirts inside out with cold water on gentle cycle. Air dry or tumble dry low, and remove promptly when finished. We would not suggest ironing; however, if you feel you must iron, always do so from the back very lightly on low heat by passing over the design, and do not leave the iron on it for too long. Please make sure to read the product description for directions as to how to wash the pants.

8. Are the Stuffed Animals and Yoga Mats made in America?

The stuffed animals are not made in America; however, they are ethically sourced and tested by the manufacturer. The yoga mats are sourced and embroidered by a domestic company, as are the stuffed animals.

9. What are salt lamps?

Himalayan crystal salt lamps are not only a beautiful and unique decor item, they also promote respiratory health and overall well-being. They are natural ionizers that help purify your environments air as well as balance its charge by counteracting the electromagnetic radiation that we are too often surrounded by. For cleaning and safety information, please visit

10. Where should the salt lamp be placed?

The lamps can be by your bedside, at the office, by your computer, by your television, in smoky rooms, next to you while enjoying a relaxing bath, in your exercise room, massage or meditation room, or anywhere you want to create a relaxing atmosphere and experience the benefits of negative ions. For cleaning and safety information, please visit

11. How do I care for my salt lamp?

Crystal salt has hygroscopic properties, therefore it absorbs moisture from the air. It should never be sprinkled with water or placed outdoors. Should the lamp become moistened, simply turn on the lamp and the heat from the bulb will gently dry it out. The bulb can be easily changed by removing the socket and cord from the base of the lamp. Use only 10-15 watt clear glass bulbs for your lamp. For cleaning and safety information, please visit

12. Where do you get the crystal salt lamps?

We are wholesalers at Evolution Salt and Lotus Light, which allows us to offer them to you at OMazingly reasonable prices. For cleaning and safety information, please visit

13. What’s the shipping cost? Do you ship internationally?

Shipping and handling costs depend on the size of the order and shipping location. Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas at this time.

14. Is there sales tax?

Yes, the sales tax depends on your location.

15. How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

Please allow two to four weeks for delivery. If the item is on back-order, we will let you know.

16. What is the return policy?

Check out the most recent info on our Terms of Sale page by clicking this link: