Yoga is for Everyone!

Today Wuf Shanti had the opportunity to work with the amazing athletes at the Summer Special Olympics Games in beautiful San Diego! There are so many wonderful non-profit organizations that are bringing Yoga to all facets of society. Wuf Shanti is very happy to be on board with a great organization called Live and Breathe: A Yoga Cause founded by Erin Hanson. This organization offers Yoga and meditation classes to underserved populations from kids to seniors and everyone in between. Today was the first Special Olympics event that incorporated Yoga in the family fun zone area where athletes and their families could come to  stretch and learn about how Yoga is a perfect compliment to all athletics! There were several teachers from Yoga Six, a local San Diego studio, along with Wuf Shanti that led some really awesome athletes through Yoga poses to help them stretch their shoulders and hamstrings! We were so happy to see the athletes eager to learn! All we had to say was “ok lets stretch” and they hopped right on to their mats and started practicing with beautiful smiles on their faces! The most amazing aspect of Yoga is that it transcends all of our so called barriers and differences. Irregardless of your ethnicity, religion, age, and physical or mental capabilities, there is a Yoga program that will work for you! If you or someone that you know would benefit from breathing deeply, stretching, building strength, and releasing stress, make sure you check out the local non-profit organizations in your area that offer Yoga classes. The teachers that volunteer their time are awesome and all they want to do is help spread the good vibes! So no more excuses! If we can get the Special Olympics athletes to take time out to practice Yoga with us what are you waiting for?? Yoga is for everyone and that means you!

Wuf Shanti, Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste!


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