Every now and then you read or hear something that resonates so deeply within you. This poem has come back to me so many times. One of my teachers read it in class the other day and it was as though I had heard it for the very first time. I love the simplicity of the message. In reality we do not even need to create specific structures or practices in oder to life a peaceful and devotional life. The earth is our gift and she holds all of our resources. Our hearts are our greatest teachers. The interactions that we share with others are what defines us in so many ways. All of the knowledge that we will ever need resides within ourselves. I hope that you enjoy this poem as much as I always have and pass it along if it resonates with you

What If:  By Ganga White

What if religion was each other?

If our practice was our life?

What if the temple was the earth?

If forests were our church?

If holy water-the rivers, lakes, and oceans?

What if meditation was our relationships?

If the teacher was life?

If wisdom was self-knowlege?

If love was the center of our being?

Ganga White