Learning to Think Happy and Give Gratitude


Tell Wuf Shanti Three (3) happy things that happened to you today. When we wake up every morning, it is a new day, and we can choose to be happy and positive. Sometimes, if the day is hard, we need to remind ourselves that we had happy or peaceful moments, and each of those moments in time is special, so we should remember them and say thank you for them.

Grown Ups: This is a great activity for you to play with your children each day, and it will get them into the yogic-mindset early in life by helping them to develop a positive attitude that allows them to appreciate the little magical moments that life offers. Ask them to share with you some happy moments that they experienced during their day. To get them started, you can ask specific questions, such as, “Did you see a rainbow?”, “Did you make your friend smile?”, “Did you hear a bird chirping?”, “Did you get to cuddle with a puppy?”, “Did you feel the wind blowing on your face?”

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