Today let us find the joy in our lives. Let us step outside of our daily tasks and challenges and set our intentions on finding joy. The first step in tapping into joy is to pause, close our eyes, and take a deep breath like you are drawing in the scent of a beautiful flower. In our minds we can begin to envision what joy looks like for us today. It is important to recognize that every day we are different. We are always in a state of fluctuation. These changes occur on a physical, emotional, and even chemical level.

We must be patient with ourselves and understand that our perceptions of joy will change from day to day. Instead of conjuring up what we think joy should look like today, simply allow yourself that time to pause and feel your organic version of joy. Even during the strangest of times joy resides within our hearts and minds. Joy and love are very similar concepts in that they are intangible and at times elusive yet we feel them so deeply that we know they are real. As we center ourselves to find the joy within us, countless waves of images and thoughts come to our mind. We see flashes of moments in time, the face of someone that we love, the image of a beautiful sunset, the family pet, and so many of images from Mother Nature inspire joy in us. Joy also comes from the connections that we share with our friends and even strangers. The magical sound of a child giggling is so wonderful that we ourselves cannot help but smile and even laugh as well! That is pure joy! The most important aspect of joy that we must remember is that we do not need to search for joy in the material world. Joy is actually our natural state of being. We simply need to open up to that energetic flow. Let us throw our heads back, kick off our shoes, and dance with abundant waves of joy! Your life is meant to feel good and be a joyful journey!