What are Chakras?

Chakras are meta-physical energy centers located along the spine that are believed to be connected to emotions, organs, general health and well-being. There are 7 major chakras and they are connected to specific colors of the rainbow to help us focus on them and feel the vibration.

Although most of us cannot physically see a chakra, also known as a wheel of light, we can feel the energy of it. The study of chakras dates far back in history. In addition to the seven major chakras, our bodies contain hundreds of secondary chakras. Each Chakra in the body is connected to an element, a gem stone, an emotion, an organ or organ system, and a belief system, among other aspects. In order for us to live a happy and healthy life we must balance out our energy centers. We can create this balance by using Yoga, breath, mantra, and even just a simple awareness.

What are affirmations and mantras? Affirmations and mantras are words or phrases that are positive, that can be written or spoken and repeated to yourself, which help us feel better and live life in a happy way. Each chakra has a corresponding belief system and affirmations which we can focus on to help us balance the energies.

If you would like to learn more about the chakra system, we love the book: “The Book of Chakra Healing” by Liz Simpson. You can always write to us as well if you have any questions. Wuf Namaste!

Wuf Shanti Chakras and Affirmations

The Red Chakra is located at the base of spine. The element is Earth, and it represents grounding, stability, security, and safety. It is often called the Root Chakra.

Affirmation: I am safe.

“Mother Earth is my home. She supports me at all times and I am never alone.”

The Orange Chakra is located in the lower belly. The element is water, and it represents creative energy.

Affirmation: I am creative.

” I create beauty in this world by sharing my talents and believing in myself.”

The Yellow Chakra is located in the solar plexus/upper abdomen. The element is fire, and it represents putting creative energy into action, strength, trusting yourself, believing in yourself, self-confidence.

Affirmation: I am strong.

“I know and love who I am at every moment. This truth can never be taken from me.”

The Green Chakra is located at the heart center. The element is air, and it represents unconditional love, self-love, and forgiveness.

Affirmation: I am loved.

“Love is the most important aspect in my life. I give and receive love with an open heart.”

The Blue Chakra is located at the throat. The element is ether (the air above the clouds), and it represents communication, self expression, and speaking the truth.

Affirmation: I am truth.

” My words are a form of energy. I speak kindly and truthfully to maintain a positive vibration.”

The Dark blue/Indigo Chakra is located at the 3rd eye. It represents the 6th sense, listening, intuition, and reflection.

Affirmation: I am Wise.

” There is an intelligence that exists in this world that comes from inside each of us. I listen to my inner voice to guide me.”

The Purple Chakra is located at the crown of the head, and is often called the Crown Chakra. The element is space, and it represents connection to the universe, nature, spirituality, knowing you’re not alone.

Affirmation: I am light.

” Everything in the universe is made of light, and I am connected to everyone and everything.”

Little ones can remember the chakras with this Wuf Shanti poem:

Chakras are energy centers that connect to our emotions, organs, health, and well-

When we breathe positivity and peace into our chakras, it’s a rainbow that we are

We see a red vibration at the base of the spine,
We say “I am safe” and we know we are fine.

In our lower belly, it’s orange light we see,
We say, “I am creative” and “I believe in me.”

Yellow is the color near the tummy up high,
We say “I am strong,” like the sun in the sky.

Green is pulsing at the center of the heart,
We say “I am Loved,” which is correct and smart!

At the throat, we visualize the color light blue,
We say “I am truth,” and we speak kindly and true.

Dark blue represents intuition, and we say “I am Wise.”
We listen to our gut, and see with all three eyes.

Purple is at the crown of the head, and we say “I am goodness” or “I am light”
We are connected to the Universe, and everything will be alright.