Appeal to Educators:

Appeal to Teens:

What is Mindfulness?

Should Mindfulness be Mandatory in Education?

Why is the Mindful Kids Peace Summit Important?

What’s Kindness?

What is Communication? Do Kids Communicate Well?

What’s Diversity and Inclusion?

What’s Social Emotional Learning?

How Have You Seen Wuf Shanti Directly Affect a Child’s Life?

How do You Cope with Stress and Emotions?

What Advice do You Give to Your Kids About Coping with Stress and Emotions?

What Makes You Happy?

Why Should Adults Get Involved with Wuf Shanti and the Mindful Kids Peace Summit?

How Can we Get People to Unite and Make Mental Health a Priority?

How did Your Life Change after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland?

How Can We Make the World a Better Place?

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