We love to get sweet notes from our friends. Thank you so much for joining us on this magnificent journey, and for believing in our mission. Thank you also for sharing your kind words with us. With gratitude in our hearts, Namaste`. 🙂

I love what you guys are doing, and what you stand for. The event was really great. My daughter keeps saying she loves Wuf Shanti, and yoga! Seriously, she even slept in her Wuf Shanti shirt!-Rachel Friedland

Wuf Shanti is a beautiful creation by an amazing young child. I love sharing Wuf Shanti with everyone that I can. You are beautiful souls, and I am honored to be part of this mission.-Kathryn Lorenzini

I had so much fun at your event and really enjoyed it. I loved seeing Wuf Shanti live and in person! It was so precious seeing all the little children with Wuf Shanti, and also doing yoga with Erika.-Bob Singer

I love the music, the graphics, the video, and the character. It’s like a ray of sunshine!-Dr. Gail Robin Zelko