We had such a good time at My-Gym with the kids, and love seeing all those smiling faces. Even though the music didn’t work in the beginning, the kids ended up having a great time anyway (check out the pics below)! We did a lot of yoga built into the games, such as we took a magical adventure to the ocean and walked like penguins, took a roller coaster ride at the fair, crawled under a bridge, breathed using the rainbow ball, and of course, what would a Wuf Shanti class be without our Happy Game. The rainbow ball (the hoberman sphere) teaches kids to focus on breathing in love and kindness and when they breathe out, to let go of all their yucky feelings like worries or sadness. The happy ball game teaches kids to think about things that make them happy so they learn gratitude for those wonderful things at an early age. Everyone had fun, and the evening was rounded off by taking some pictures with Wuf Shanti. Thank you everyone for coming out and having such an OMazing time with us.

Wuf Shanti, Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste`!! ?

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