Wuf Shanti is honored to be part of the Common Sensical Network and to have made their top list for Kids Movement Videos! Thank you Common Sensical Media!


“These days, it’s a challenge to find kid-friendly content that delivers on both entertainment value and safety. That’s where the Sensical Select(™) Badge program comes in: These shows, chosen by our partners at Sensical from Common Sense Networks, have been vetted for age appropriateness—every video on Sensical has been watched by a real, live person!—as well as their ability to spark curiosity and inspire both learning and fun. Whether your kid is exploring a new topic or deep-diving further into a tried-and-true interest, these picks are Sensical’s cream of the crop. And what’s here is only some of what they have to offer—discover many more kid-safe videos from awesome creators now playing on Sensical.

Fun physical activities do more than get kids off the couch: They can also help develop healthy self-identity and willingness to try new things. Jump into these shows to learn new dance moves, stretching techniques, and more.