Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps




What are Crystal Salt Lamps?

According to EvolutionSalt.com, the beneficial effects of salt lamps have been known for decades. Salt lamps emit negative ions, which work like natural ionizers keeping the air clean. When they warm up, they attract humidity and the surface of the salt crystal becomes moist. This causes a field of ions to build up. These negative ions then attach themselves to dust, pollen, mold, fungus and odors.

Salt lamps also combat the harmful effects of positive ionization (or electro-smog) caused by electromagnetic radiation which originates from TVs, monitors, computers, appliances, Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc., while the natural color of the lamp reinforces the rejuvenating and healing influence.

In nature, negative ions are created by means of wind, sunlight, surf, waterfalls and rainstorms. Generally a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oxygen. A positive ion in the air is a molecule that has lost its electrons through process of air pollution. Negative ions have known benefits, and may provide relief from sinus, migraine headaches, and allergies, reduce the severity of asthma attacks, enhance the immune system, increase alertness, increase work productivity and concentration, increase lung capacity and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu.

*Available in the following sizes and shapes: Natural Small (4-6 lbs), Natural Medium (8-10 lbs), Natural Large (12-15 lbs), Natural  XLarge (20-25 lbs), Heart (4-6 lbs), Abundance Bowl of Hearts (15-17 lbs), Pyramid (7-8 lbs), and Elephant (6-8 lbs). For information about cleaning and safety, please visit our FAQ page at https://wufshanti.com/faq/



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