Wuf Shanti and the Mindful Kids Peace Summit in Psychology Today

Super honored to be included in such a prestigious mental health publication. Thank you so much for including us and helping to spread the word about our Mindful Kids Peace Summit. Here is the link to the actual article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/you-can-t-sit-us/201901/feel-good-alert-14-year-old-is-making-change-happen Here is the link to register for the MKPS for free today: https://www.mindfulkidspeacesummit.com/first-page And here […]


Human Family

Human Family…A poem by the inspiring Maya Angelou I note the obvious differences in the human family. Some of us are serious, some thrive on comedy. Some declare their lives are lived as true profundity, and others claim they really live the real reality. The variety of our skin tones can confuse, bemuse, delight, brown […]

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