Dear Wuf Shanti,

I wanted to know what is the best way for me to make new friends at my new school. My family and I had to leave where we were living and move to a new city. I start at my school in a few weeks and I am nervous and scared. I really miss my friends back at home and everything here is so different. Can you share some advice on how to feel better?

Thank you Wuf Shanti,



Dearest Eva,

Hi there and thank you so much for sharing how you are feeling. It is important to be able to express yourself and you did a great job! I understand that moving to a brand new place and starting at a new school can be a bit scary! Everything that you were used to has changed and you had to say goodbye to your friends and that can be difficult. My advice to help you with this is to keep your heart and mind open. This means that you believe in yourself that everything will be ok. Remember that your thoughts are very powerful and that you can make this a great experience! When you start your first day of school make sure and write down on a piece of paper a few mantras. These are short statements that you repeat to yourself. For example: “ Today is a good day” or “I am happy and my happiness makes others happy” or “I am a good friend and I will make new friends right away”. You can use the mantras I have given you or make up your own! Keep these mantras that you have written down in your pocket and when you feel scared or unsure just pull them out and read them. They will give you the courage that you need! Please know that you are not alone and that a lot of kids have to move and start new schools and make new friends. In time you will feel right at home and you can help a fellow new student feel comfortable by sharing your experience and how you were able to find courage! Be thankful for the opportunity to explore a new place and meet some amazing new friends! Take care of yourself Eva and I promise everything will be ok!

Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste, Wuf Shanti