Magic is all around us every day! Most of us have seen a magic show or at least a magic trick being performed. The magician uses what is called a slight of hand to perform the trick so that you are unable to see what actually happens. We watch the magician pull a bouquet of flowers from his hat or make a coin disappear by simply closing his fist, and we are so amazed and in awe! This kind of magic is fun and can be a great event at a birthday party, however real magic happens every day. When I think of magic, the image of a rainbow comes into my mind. Some days the sky is dark and stormy, bringing necessary rain to quench the earth’s thirst. These are the perfect days to curl up with your favorite book or snuggle with your kitty or puppy. Rainy days may seem like a boring day because we can’t go out and play. In fact, rainy days are the perfect ingredient for real life magic to happen. Once the rain stops and the sun begins to shine Mother Nature creates her own magic…rainbows! Just before the clouds move away to make room for the blue sky, suddenly a rainbow appears! We have to look at the right time, but when we do it is so beautiful! Every color of the rainbow is perfect. There is the powerful red, cheerful orange, happy yellow, earthy green, gentle blue, inspiring indigo, and healing violet. Wuf Shanti would love for you to look for the everyday magic in your life. Remember that the sun always follows the rain! Rainbows are the proof that real magic does exist, we simply have to keep looking up!