Dear Wuf Shanti,

I have a really good friend and her mom is a Yoga teacher. When I was reading your website I saw that you like to use mantras. I understand that a mantra is kind of like a wish. When I asked my friend’s mom if she had a favorite mantra, she said yes. She said that every day she sends out the mantra to treat every one with loving kindness. I understand what love is because my mom tells me all the time that she loves me and I feel safe when she says it. And I know that being kind is like sharing your toys and cookies with your friends. But, what does it mean to treat someone with loving kindness? Thank you Wuf Shanti!

Your friend A.J.

Hi A.J.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me and I have to say that you are one smart kid! You are absolutely correct about what love and kindness is! I think that what your friend’s mom is saying,  is that we need to be kind and loving to everyone, even when it is hard. It is really easy to feel love and be kind to someone when they are being nice and they are our friend. However, this world is full of all types of people and personalities. That is a really great thing because we are able to learn a lot from people that are different than we are. When we treat someone with loving kindness it means that we accept them for who they are even if they are different or if we disagree with them about something. Practicing the mantra of loving kindness is like looking at all of your toys and even though some may be older or may not be as shiny as they used to be, you still love them equally. Remember that there are lessons in every encounter that we have. When you practice loving kindness you spread joy and happiness like the rays of the sun, and all of those good feelings come right back to you! Have a great day A.J. and remember to smile and the world will smile with you!

Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste, Wuf Shanti