When we slow down enough we can begin the process of tuning into our bodies. When we take the time to really tune in we find that our bodies  tell us exactly what we need to do and what is happening. Pay attention to the way your body feels in different circumstances and when you are feeling emotions.  For example, what does your belly feel like when you are scared? Most likely it feels kind of sick like you were on the ferris wheel too long! You will probably feel that same sensation in your belly when you are really upset or nervous about something too. When you feel this begin to happen just know that your breath will make you feel better. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out. You may need to do this a few times but I promise that yucky feeling in your belly will subside.  Have you ever noticed that when you are not able to verbally express how you feel, it almost feels like a tightening in your throat? It is the same feeling you get when you tie your scarf on too tight or your mom makes you wear that annoying turtle neck sweater!  That is your body trying to tell you that it is really important to say how you feel and express yourself. You may have seen someone in person or in the movies literally fall down or even pass out when they hear really good or really bad news. Our body is meant to be grounded and supported by Mother Earth and when we allow our emotions to control our physical body we lose that connection. This is a great opportunity to connect again with your breath and visualize yourself like a strong mountain. No matter what may come along to shake the ground beneath you, the mountain strength that you hold will keep you stable. The most amazing place that our body expresses energy is in your heart and chest. Just think about how warm your heart center feels when you see a person, place, or act of kindness. It is like a golden wave of warmth that spreads all around your heart and it is so beautiful! Those are the moments that really matter. Pay attention to the circumstances that create that warm feeling  inside and create them as often as you can! When you are able to express yourself, breathe deep, be mountain strong, and experience love in your heart, the everyday stress of the world begins to take a back seat and you become the driver! Wuf Peace!