“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all” William Faulkner

Thank you Willian Faulkner for your words of wisdom spoken so many years ago! As a writer I am always open to inspiration for my blogs, articles, and poetry. I found this amazing quote on one of those little calendars that you have on your refrigerator. I had the verbal thought in my mind of  ‘what will inspire me to write to today’, and as I put my puppies food in the refrigerator I noticed this little gem of a quote! Gratitude is a concept that is spoken of in great detail, especially these days. There has been somewhat of a spiritual awakening that is really taking hold. My journey into spirituality began over twenty years ago and I have seen so much movement in the direction of peace and understanding since that time. I will say however, that if you turn on the news in the evening you may have a different point of view. Yes, there is a great deal of tragedy that occurs on a daily basis and much of it is absolutely unnecessary. We obviously cannot control the often damaging effects of Mother Nature for example. But I firmly believe that if we continue on the path toward healing and spirituality, the acts of violence caused by people will diminish. To be clear, when I mention spirituality, I mean your connection to whatever brings you peace and harmony.  One of the main reasons why Wuf Shanti came into being was to help heal the planet. Our vision is to help the future of this planet, our children, learn to feel, live, and share the philosophy of gratitude. Every moment, breath, sunrise, sunset, rainbow, and act of kindness is a cause for showing and sharing gratitude. Please take a few moments today and express your gratitude for the miracles in your life, no matter how small they may seem.

Wuf Namaste!