Humility is defined inthe dictionary as follows:” A modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness”.

During my many years of study in the field of Yoga including but not limited to, meditation, movement, anatomy, physiology, spirituality, history and breathing practices, I have had a great deal of teachers and mentors. I am thankful for every single teacher that comes into my life. Even if I do not connect with that teacher on all levels, I can always leave with a little nugget of information that resonates with me. My studies have deepened a great deal more lately as I embark upon another degree. In this deeper journey I am realizing something very important, my most beloved teachers practice the art of humility. Many of teachers have been in the field for 30 or 40 years and studied with the masters,  yet they are so very real, approachable and down to earth. They share their knowledge and their personal stories in such a down to earth and practical way. In my opinion that is what makes an amazing teacher. These teachers have so much profound knowledge and they simply want to share it with the world. They do not feel the need to put on a fancy show or make a scene around themselves. The best teachers invite you into their world instead of making you feel outside of that world and only allowing you to peak in through a small window. There are unfortunately some really amazing teachers that had an opportunity to do something amazing, and they let their egos get the better of them.When that happens they fall, and that fall can be devastating. It happens all the time and in every walk of life. When we practice the art of humility, we can still believe in ourselves, and love ourselves, but we do not separate ourselves. We are all one on this planet. We are all here to teach each other. Be good at what you and proud of your work, but remain humble. I believe humility is the path to world peace.

Wuf Shanti