There are people and events that come into our lives. Some are for a short time, others are for a lifetime. And then there is the in between where you are not really sure whether it is time to hold on or to let go.

“The truth of letting go, lies in the answer” is a quote from the talented singer Sarah McLachlan. Every time I hear those words I feel a little something letting go in myself. Letting go of the past, letting go of lost loves and shifted relationships, hard work that didn’t pan out as expected, letting go of what no longer serves me. And in that letting go, there is often a melancholy vibration, because when something begins, we never imagine it ending. However, trying to stop the ever changing aspects of life is like trying to stop water from being wet.

The truth of letting go, is that once we let go, there is room for more. When one journey ends, another begins, and we use our past experiences as sources of wisdom to help us navigate new waters. We must always cherish our experiences no matter how brief they may have been, or how they came to an end. Let yourself be free of regret and the persistent phrase of “what if”.

Be happy for the people in your life and on this planet that are successful. Embrace that they may have moved on to love others or share their dreams with new friends. Everyone deserves to be happy, to be loved, and to follow their own path just as you will follow yours.

The truth of letting go is simple, let your heart guide the way rather than the head. Your mind will show you possible scenarios of the past and future, but your heart will show you the truth.  That truth is that even though you are able to let go, that person or situation will always remain in your heart. Perhaps one day it will all come full circle once again. Only the universe will know the answer to that and it will be revealed in time!