Thank you OMWhereYouArePlanted for writing about us and sharing our story! Wuf Shanti, Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste`! #yoga #yogalove #yogalife #kidsyoga #wufshanti

“We all grew up with shows like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Barney that taught us many lessons.  Mr. Rogers inspired so many with his songs and kind heart.  Barney was the Purple dinosaur that taught about love and friendship.  I remember running home after school to watch, sing and dance. That peaceful feeling I got when I would sing “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family…”  still stays with me today.  These television programs were so impactful to me at my young age.  Fast forward years later and now I am a mom wishing that more wholesome shows were still on television today.

When I heard about Wuf Shanti I was elated to see such a project developing. Wuf Shanti is a master dog yogi, who teaches children all about the yogi state of mind.  This Pup was created by a 12 year old boy who wanted to honor his late grandfather who believed in yogic minded principles.   It’s creator has been doing yoga all his life.  He grew up with it.  Yoga has taught him to be compassionate, giving, positive and kind. For him Yoga has helped to stay centered and balanced.  For these reasons he felt compelled to bring Wuf Shanti to the world.  Wuf Shanti strives to teach the next generation yogic principles such as positive thinking and love.  Yoga is more than just a physical practice.  The true practice of Yoga is bringing it off of the mat and into the world.

Wuf Shanti’s belief in think well to be well, smile and the world will smile with you is so strong that they have created a kickstarter campaign to fund a Wuf Shanti Pilot TV Program that they plan to air on PBS or Nick Jr.  This program will be 22 minutes to a half-hour long, complete with yoga lessons, mindful mantras, and wonderful music.  I have seen the positive impact yoga has had on my own children and hope to see this project to complete fruition and impact the lives of many around the globe. If you too would like to see this pilot program take off you can have a part in it by making a donating on the Wuf Shanti KickStarter Page. Wuf Shanti only has 10 more days left on their KickStarter Campaign so please click on over to donate.

I believe in this project with my whole heart.  Lets make a boy’s dream come true.”