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What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine is a yoga app for young kids that includes brief videos of yoga poses, songs, meditations, and positive thoughts. “Think well to be well” is the motto of the dog, Wuf Shanti, who stars in the book and South Florida PBS series on which this app is based. The videos star a human in a dog suit who uses animal figures and movements to explain yoga poses to young kids, and real kids are also featured in some videos. There are also games and coloring pages on the app. Read the app’s privacy policy to find out about the types of information collected and shared.

What’s it about?

To use WUF SHANTI YOGA FUN MACHINE tap Music, Videos, or Games. Tap the Play icon on any of the music videos. Tap Videos and choose Poses to watch brief videos, view photo images, and read descriptions of 38 yoga poses. You can also choose Meditation, Animals, Games, Positive Words, or TV Show to see that content. The Animals area lets you play the animal-related yoga poses while Positive Words lets you watch brief videos about positive words like “love” and “family.” If you want to play puzzles, play a matching game, color coloring pages, or play “the happy game,” go to the Games area. Tap TV Show to watch brief episodes of the PBS show Wuf Shanti. Visit the in-app store for Wuf Shanti merchandise.

Is it any good?

This life-size dog introduces yoga and meditation to young kids in brief, easy ways. Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine will be especially fun for kids who already know the character from its PBS show or book, but it’s not necessary to know anything about yoga or meditation to use the app. Poses are presented by using animal moves or figurines, and some videos include kids with physical challenges doing yoga, showing anybody can modify poses to fit their needs. Wuf Shanti also gives kids (and parents) positive words and phrases to talk about and use in stressful moments. The production quality of the videos isn’t high, but overall Wuf Shanti can be a great way to introduce even very young kids to yoga and meditation.

Talk to your kids about …

  • Families can talk about how to include short sessions of yoga and meditation into your kid’s day with Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine. Before you eat breakfast or after they get home from school, do one or two brief poses with your kid. Watch a meditation session as bedtime nears.
  • Talk about the positive thinking words and phrases (“Think Well to be Well,” “Smile and the World Smiles with You,” and more) that Wuf Shanti presents. What does it mean to think positively?
  • Play The Happy Game with your kid, and help your kid add their own happy words to the game. What makes you happy? Why?

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