So, this happened today. Helen Maffini, who co-founded the Mindful Kids Peace Summit with me, did a podcast interview with Andrea Samadi of Achieve it 360 for her Neuroscience meets SEL podcast. I was watching it, and all of a sudden heard a question about me! I wanted to publicly thank Helen for her kind words, but also say that I could not have done the MKPS without her, and I’m very grateful. Helen guided me through the entire process, and taught me so much about how to put an international online summit together. It took us 10 months, and I worked every day after school and on weekends to make it happen. There was lots of technical stuff and new programs that I had to learn, and it was fun, but tiring. I would do it all again though, even if we just help one person. In fact, we are actually re-releasing the MKPS with some new content on Sept 23, 2019, which is Peace Week in some school districts, and to kick off the new school year. If you’d like to learn more information about the Summit, please check out all the links below. And here is Helen’s interview with Andrea Samadi:


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