Deep down in our hearts resides a place of absolute peace and tranquility. We often feel that peace at unexpected times. Have you ever noticed how a certain place, person, or even a smell can trigger an inner sense of warmth and comfort that spreads through your heart center? These feelings have the power to pull us out of our everyday stress and concerns and pull us into the present moment. Many of us search and search for these moments externally through books, teachers, and workshops. Very often we do need a little guidance to tap into this part of our selves. However, all we need to do is slow down enough to let these precious moments of peace that reside within us to bubble up to the surface. Many of us have heard the saying that we should seize the moment, but in actuality these moments seize us!

One of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves would be more and more of these moments. Pay attention to what events or experiences evoke these blissful feelings and make them a part of your daily routine. Write them down in your journal or on your daily calendar so that you can reference them easily! You are the one in control of how you feel so choose to feel good and at peace!