Always a great time speaking with Dave Smith of Secular Dharma. Check out his latest podcast episode where we discuss all things mindfulness, including the little things that stress us out, the differences between gen x and gen z, our shared humanity, and of course the book Stress Less: Mindfulness for Teens. Dave has been a great mentor to me throughout this mindfulness journey, and I am grateful for his support throughout the years. Give his podcast a listen on Itunes or Spotify. Here is the link to hear my episode:

Mindfulness is secular, it’s for everyone. In the new book, Stress Less (released by Trigger Publishing and distributed by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution/Ingram), Adam walks you through the reasons why coping with emotions and stress in a healthy way is good for your body and mind. He will teach you what mindfulness is and how to develop a mindful mindset so that you can find balance and focus on the present, rather than worrying about the past or the future.

Adam also shares his favorite tried-and-tested ways to overcome difficult feelings. You will learn about affirmations, meditation, breathwork, and how to use journaling, all of which can help you feel less overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. Using these tools will help you to become calmer, happier and more content, and establish a solid mental health practice and toolkit to rely on for years to come.

To learn more about the book, Stress Less: