When your soul makes the journey onto this planet and into a body, a miracle occurs! It is absolutely magnificent to have the gift of life! Because life is so precious we have a celebration for each year on the day of our birth. Birthdays are celebrated differently all over world in different cultures, but most us think of birthday cakes, parties, and balloons of every color! We celebrate so many things when we honor a persons birthday. You see we were all born for a purpose on this planet. Some of us are meant to be teachers and share our knowledge. Others were born to be artists that bring color, texture, and sound to the world. There are souls on the planet that came here to be doctors and healers. There are other souls that were born to help to heal the planet and animals. Coming into this world is no mistake because we were all born to do really big things in this world! Every day is a miracle and every person is a miracle as well! Celebrate yourself every day for being who you are. Celebrate the people that you love every day for being a part of your life! And when a birthday comes along it is good to make a really big deal of it! Just remember that it doesn’t matter how many presents you receive or candles that you blow out on your cake. The important part of a birthday is exactly what the word birthday means. The day of your birth, a day of celebration, a miracle!