Life is an amazing journey full of unexpected adventures, encounters, and challenges. We are quick to blame a circumstance for how we react to it on a emotional level. In actuality, we are the ones in charge of our reactions. I had the pleasure of watching a large group of people in a frustrating circumstance navigate the waters beautifully and simply go with the flow. We were all on a cross country flight when the weather turned badly over Dallas. Those of us on our plane had no idea that hundreds of other people and flights were affected just as we were. Our plane had to make an unexpected landing at another airport to re-fuel and avoid the terrible weather system in Dallas. We all sat on the plane for over two hours and although we were of course frustrated and not fully aware of the circumstance, we just went with the flow. The airline was simply trying to keep us safe and there is no way to control Mother Nature! Instead of getting angry, we all started talking to one another, helping each other figure out our next step since we were all going to miss our connecting flight. Once we finally made it to Dallas the airport was in a state of complete chaos. The weather continued to be a challenge, half of the flights were canceled, and the other half were delayed by several hours. The terminal was packed full of people that had planned their trips and suddenly their entire day had changed. The amazing aspect to all of this was a beautiful sense of community and an overall vibe of just going with the flow. We were all in this together and there was no way to control the outcome, so we made new friends! Everyone gave each other the opportunity to sit in a chair instead of standing or sitting on the ground. We helped each other figure our alternative travel plans and cheered each other on when we were chosen from the mile long standby list to get on the next flight. If we had taken the low road and started to become angry and control as situation that could not be controlled it would have been absolute mayhem. Take a moment and reflect upon your own life and circumstances. Ask yourself if going against the flow and fighting to control something that you could not control has ever worked out well for you. Life is going to throw you curve balls from time to time, that is the nature of being a soul having a human experience. You are the one that is responsible for how you react to those circumstances. I firmly believe that everything happens as it should in this life and challenges come along to teach us lessons and to help us to grow. A river is a perfect example of the art of going with the flow. The water does not get frustrated and decide to give up simply because a boulder or tree happens to be in the way. Instead, the water is patient and works with the path of least resistance, gently looking for a way around the obstacle. There is always a way to work through any resistance in this life. Allow yourself to go with the flow just like the river and feel the beauty in letting go of control. Every thing will be alright in the end…it always is.