Scientifically speaking, the season of Summer does not officially begin until June 21st. However, I always like to look at the first day of a new month as an opportunity for reflection and appreciation.  Summer is a wonderful time of year to celebrate all of your accomplishments during the past school year, whether you are in grade school, college, or simply the school of life. There is a softer feeling in the air as families begin to head out on their vacations, celebrate graduations, and take the time to relax. Summer seems to have that special vibration of fun and of people really living life to the fullest. The ocean is where I love to spend most of my time, and I love to see kids digging their toes into the sand and trying out the waves for the first time!  What brings you joy in the summer? We would love for you to share some of your summer adventures with us! You do not have to go far for an adventure either,  you know. How about camping out under the stars in your very own backyard? Summer is a great opportunity to make new friends too, so make sure you keep an open heart and an open mind! All of us at Wuf Shanti wish you and your loved ones a safe and blissful summer! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments because you are amazing! There is one friend in particular that we would like to honor this week and his name is Adam! He is graduating from the 5th grade today and that is so awesome! We are so proud of you! Enjoy your summer friends! We look forward to hearing about your adventures! Wuf Peace, Wuf Shanti, Wuf Namaste!