There are scientific studies that show definitive and positive results in the brain due to the practice of meditation. The daily recommended prescription for meditation will vary from person to person and their ability due to…life! Let’s face it, many of us are incredibly busy and taking time to meditate seems like a luxury rather than a necessity. I am here to tell you that it is absolutely a necessity and the quality of your life will improve, by taking this necessary time to check in and become the observer. There are a great deal of misconceptions when it comes to the practice of meditation. Many of us think we need to have a special place, a certain type of pillow to sit on, incense burning, and relaxing music. Those are all awesome ways to relax and you will find them very beneficial (well maybe not the incense if it makes you sneeze!). However, I am going to offer you another option for meditation today, and it is called a walking meditation. Now don’t worry I am not going to suggest that you start walking around with your eyes closed! And yes, I know that all of us walk everyday for at least some part of the day. The question is, do you actually feel yourself walking, or are you stuck in your head full of thoughts. Are you somewhere lost in the past or the future? Are you walking and talking on your phone or texting? You would amazed how many people are walking and texting, they may as well have their eyes closed! But that is an article for another day! I will offer you a few simple steps for a walking meditation, but for the most part you are just going to work on being 100% present with the act of walking. This meditation can be done while walking in the city, on the beach, down the hall from your office, in a grassy meadow, or even in your own house. You can keep your shoes on (especially in the city) or walk with bare feet.

Walking Meditation Example

There is no particular place to walk simply become aware of what walking feels like.

Keep your eyes open and focused on your feet taking one step at a time. Keeping awareness in your surroundings.

Your breath is steady and mindful. Breathing in and breathing out.

Feel the surface of the ground in which you walk. Is it hard or soft?

Listen to the sound of your footsteps. Are they silent or do your shoes make a sound?

How are your footsteps? Are your strides long or short? Do you walk on your heels or toes?

Do not try to change the way you are walking, simply be aware of walking.

Notice any movement in your hips. Do they sway or do they remain still?

When you walk does the movement feel fluid or stiff? Are your steps hard or soft?

Keep breathing in and out. When we lose connection with our breath we have lost the present moment.

Practice this meditation as often as you can and for as long as you like.

This is just one brief example of a walking meditation. There are many others and I will offer them here at Wuf Shanti from time to time, so keep reading, and walking!