There are days and times in our lives that we feel fearful. Sometimes our fears are valid and a way in which we intuitively know to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. However, a great deal of our fears are only scenarios that we create in our mind. Having fears is as normal as being left or right handed. Everyone has them from time to time so you are not alone!  The first thing to understand about this reaction, is that fear is only an emotion not a reality. When we experience any kind of emotion whether it is joy, excitement, or fear, we have a strong response to what we are feeling. It can be overwhelming at times! The trick to not getting too caught up in our fleeting emotions, is to learn how to separate our emotions from our reality. There is no possible way to escape the emotions that come up in our lives, and who would want to? When we are able to feel and express our emotions, that means we are healthy! It is very important to create a dialogue with ourselves when it comes to powerful emotions. Instead of acting out or suppressing what we are feeling, take a moment to analyze what is really happening. We need to take a few deep breaths to center ourselves. This time of reflection can often diffuse the powerful charge that comes with emotions, and allow us to handle the situation with a calm mind. Our decisions and actions are always done with mindfulness when we take a moment to consider what is coming up for us. When it comes to the phrase “face your fears”, try instead to understand your fears and where they are coming from. Treat yourself with unconditional love, kindness, and understanding!

Wuf Peace!