There is enough for everyone in this world to receive what they need, if we could all learn the art of sharing and release our need for competition.

We could live in a world of abundance if we can learn to support one another rather than fear the success of others. There is such diversity in our cultures, likes, and dislikes. Instead of holding on to what we have with an iron fist, we need to open our hands and give. When we give we receive so much more in return. There is no reason to be selfish or be consumed by jealousy and greed. There is enough for everyone to live a peaceful and happy life.

We must strive to not take our blessings for granted. Every bite of food or drink of water that touches our lips is a gift. Each hug that we give and receive heals. Our breath in and out, our heartbeat, our amazing minds, these are all magnificent miracles!

There is enough love to touch each soul if we simply open our hearts to one another. Put your fears aside, look inside, and you will find all of the answers to all of the questions that you have ever asked.  We can all truly live as one when we open our hearts, hands, and homes to those in need.

Be light…be peace.