“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you” Deepak Chopra

Let’s face it, these are fast moving times! The world is changing at such a rapid rate in all of it’s aspects. Technology, construction, the melting of the glaciers, these are just a few examples. In our personal lives it seems that many people have made huge shifts in their lives in the past year or two. And in the midst of all of this change we are also seeing such a great deal of political and social unrest. Many of us are becoming numb to some of the news that we are hearing on a daily basis because it simply not a surprise anymore. This time more than ever we need to strive to find the anchor within, something that we can hold onto regardless of what may be going on outside of us.

A student came to me the other day and expressed her frustration that nothing ever seems to stay the same. She said that she decided that she was never going to allow herself to get comfortable or to feel safe in situations. What was the point she said, everything will change anyway! I couldn’t hold my own truth back from her, that there are times when I have felt exactly the same way. I believe that most of us have to some degree. We settle into a job, relationship, program, or group. We let our guard down. We allow ourselves to feel that this is perfect, just the way it is. And then before we know it something has to shift and our safe haven has either had an overhaul or even a complete dismantling! You can choose to fall into the state of mind that you will no longer trust or allow yourself to be comfortable, or can use it as an opportunity for self inquiry.

The anchor within is the still space that resides inside of you regardless of any storms that may be brewing. Remember that storms not only bring destruction, but also creation. The anchor within is the concept of self love, self confidence, knowing who you are, knowing that outside influences only have power over you if you let them. This is where a steady mediation and Yoga practice is so beneficial. When we take the time to go within we begin to learn about ourselves through our own eyes, not someone else. We learn what we need, want, and like, without being influenced by the outside world. Yoga and meditation is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, elevate mood, and reduce anxiety, just to name a few benefits. Through your practice you will find the anchor within that will hold you in stillness as life continues to move forward.

Be patient with yourself. We have generations upon generations of programming to work through to find this stillness within. It is not an easy task and it will always ebb and flow just as life does. However, it is possible and necessary. You owe it to yourself to find some peace within, to find an internal stillness. Through the process of self discovery and stillness, you can use your anchor to help others that are adrift.