We are multi-faceted and dynamic creatures. There are layers upon layers of depth in each and every person that walks on the earth. I often think that this life is like an onion. We all have different layers of ourselves that we show at different times in our lives, and in different situations. Those of us on the path to healing have begun to pull away these layers one by one. Although it is not an easy task to shed our outer layers, the sweetness inside of us is so beautiful.

Many of us take on different forms and names as we navigate our way through this life. We put on labels that we think identify who we are. For example, I am a writer, a yogi, a friend, a student, a business owner, a partner, a teacher,  and many more labels. Although I am all of these things on the surface, they do not identify who I am on the inside, they only describe certain aspects of myself like the layers of an onion. All of you reading this blog have a menagerie of aspects and labels in which you identify yourself with. But who are you when you peel away the layers?

If you have one in the house, go and grab an onion! It doesn’t matter what color it is or how big it may be. For those of you that do not have an onion handy, close your eyes and visualize or imagine an onion in your minds eye. The outside layer is the first aspect that we see of an onion. In fact, when we are at the store or the farmers market, we may choose an onion with several imperfections on the surface layer. We do this because we know that the true essence of it is deeper than what we see on it’s tough outer layer. The outer layer must be harder and stronger in order to handle the impact of being tossed around in boxes and trucks until it makes it’s way to your plate!

There are times in our lives that we do need to use our tough outer layer, sometimes it is the only way to get through certain situations. However, do your best to shed those tough layers when they no longer serve you. There is a sweetness in each of us that longs to be shown to the world. Let go of  the fears that keep you from being and showing your authentic self, even if it seems like and imperfection. We are perfectly imperfect and that is the beauty of this life! May we all shed our layers and help others to do the same, this planet needs our sweetness!