Yoga is For Boys Too!

Join our “Yoga is For Boys too” campaign! We are posting pictures of male sports athletes doing yoga to engage our youth. There is a misconception that yoga is only for girls, but actually, there are many male role models who use yoga in their every day practice. In fact, LeBron James said that yoga is the key to his endurance. If we can teach kids when they are young to breathe, do yoga, think positively, be kind, give gratitude, and live mindfully, then they will have more productive ways of dealing with emotions as they grow-up. These tools will become second nature and our little yogis will hopefully be more empathetic, less anxious and depressed, and more content, happy peace-loving teenagers and adults. The goal is to help kids live mindfully, be kind to one another, and stop random shootings so they can be safe at school and we can send them to the movies knowing they will be okay. We are replacing fear with love.

Wuf Shanti promotes health and wellness and happiness in children. Our target age is 5 to 9, although we have children as young as 1 year and as old as 15 who love to do yoga with Wuf. The trick is to teach the kids when they are young to Think Well to Be Well, Smile and the World Will Smile With You, and Smile and Say Thank You. With your help, we can make that happen by bringing Wuf Shanti into the homes of thousands of little children. You can help by donating, sharing and spreading the word, and getting your schools, hospitals, studios, organizations, and even corporations involved. We are all in this together.

Wuf Shanti, Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste!! 🙂

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