Wuf Shanti held auditions for our upcoming TV pilot TV show for the role of “Kay”, a little girl who is one of Wuf Shanti’s best friends. We had so many talented kids come to audition for us, and we are so grateful. In fact, we were so impressed by all these great kids, that we decided to make them extras in the show! We can’t wait to get started on the filming and and watch all these little yogis and yogini songbirds in action. Congratulations to the OMazing Danicah Sanchez for getting the role of Kay, and thank you to everyone who came out for the auditions. We hope to see you soon at our next event! #wufshanti #yogakids #yogafun #pilotshow #peacebeginswithme #love #kindness #namaste` #smiles

Wuf Shanti, Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste`!! 🙂