Every generation has it’s challenges. We cannot help but feel overwhelmed when we are in the midst of challenging times. More and more people are becoming aware that the world is moving at a very rapid pace and that we have endured scary situations lately. Of course these should not be overlooked, but each generation has it’s struggles. Not so long ago a black man and a white woman could not legally marry. Women of any ethnicity could never imagine holding a public office much less running for the president of the united states. Young men were shipped off to war without having any say in the matter. There were times of extreme hardship like the great depression. There was a true darkness in the world that manifested in a man named Hitler and his actions during the holocaust. These are just a few challenges that we have faced and overcome as we find ourselves here today in 2016. The time has come for us to unite and to find our perspective. Just look at what we have overcome in the past 50 years alone!

What the world needs now is hope! Do not raise your white flag and surrender that this is just the way the world is and nothing can change it. You can change it! You can be the light! There are many souls on this planet that have lost hope and in that loss have been faced with desperate measures that have affected many others. You can be the light to fill in the dark corners of the world. Your light can illuminate a new path for those that are struggling and feel there is no way out of their situation. We are not separate from each other. This planet holds all of us in the beautiful web of life and each strand of that web is connected for a reason. We are meant to support and love each other even if we may not always agree on everything. Something that we can agree on is love. Love and hope. Let us all join together and be the light that rises us up against adversity and brings us into the arms of love.