Exactly. This pretty much sums it up. When kids know how to cope with emotions, stress, and trauma, they can use those tools to help them get through most of life’s situations. Yoga isn’t just about being on the mat. It is so much of a mental exercise as well, incorporating breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and positive thinking. We can, and should be, teaching kids beginning when they are young, so that as they grow up, these tools become an automatic response, and can help them deal with anxiety, depression, and anger.

Sadly, the amount of bullying, suicide, and violence has risen significantly in the last few years, and yet, we, as a community, as a country, have not done anything different to try to stop it. Let’s get the “Coping with Stress” curriculum into all schools in the country, and make it mandatory, just like English and Math. We need to start taking this epidemic more seriously, and fighting this fight from every angle conceivable.

We are so impressed and grateful for these kids, devastated that they had to experience something so traumatic, and yet hopeful for the future of our country with them leading the charge. Their strength and poise is an inspiration. We will March with them, Walk Out with them, Walk Up with them, and Stand with them, and do whatever we can to support them in their mission.

May they find some peace, and may we bring peace to this world.