This is the last post of 2019, so I hope everyone has a very happy New Year, and only good things in 2020. This is an interview that was done by the PAMOAA Post Magazine. PAMOAA stands for Prevention and Maintenance of Adolescent Anxiety. The PAMOAA organization has these goals: to create a safe and secure environment in schools across America; create a place where students will feel comfortable and confident to express themselves; and make sure every school is equipped with the tools and knowledge on how to provide support for students suffering from anxiety. You can learn more about them here:

And read the article about Adam and Wuf Shanti in their publication, the PAMOAA Post, here:

Wuf Shanti _ PAMOAA_Article

Thank you to PAMOAA for all the work you do with and for kids, to help them learn about how to cope with anxiety in a healthy way.