I was invited to speak at the Keen on Teens Summit, which is a new summit that helps parents figure out how to better connect with their teens, and how to help them achieve success in life. I am a teen, so I know that the relationship with parents can be a difficult one. I have mood swings, just like all the other teens out there. I’m not immune just because I’m mindful. Yes, I may know how to deal with it a little better than the average teen, but I still roll my eyes at my mom if she says something that annoys me or retreat into my room for a few hours of solitude if I’m upset about something. But this summit is trying to help parents navigate the teenage years because it can be a stressful time for the entire household. And I was lucky enough to get to participate. You can watch this summit and figure out some tips to become your teen’s top influencer. You can maximize your connection with your teen. This summit is free, and has more than 20 experts speaking at it. We teens are adulting FAST! Be the best parent in the little time you have left with secret strategies from the experts!

My interview is on March 18th, and all videos will be released at 7am EST. If you even learn one thing that you think can help you, then I’d love to hear from you. It helps me to hear that what I’m doing helps other people because it motivates me to keep going. Thanks!

Link to sign up: