One of the programs that I’m honored to be associated with is Youth Leadership Broward (which is a great leadership program that I would recommend teens going into junior year look into and apply), and the project that my group and I put together is a mental health website with a new podcast called The Better Mindset.

Our intention is to offer teens a place where they can talk about mental health, ask questions, provide meaningful information, interviews with experts, and resources that they can go to for help. By talking about mental health, we are hoping to de-stigmatize it. I think this is really valuable information any time, but especially now during Covid, when a lot of teens are feeling isolated. Communication is key, and teens need to know that they are not alone, and they are special, unique, and worthy.

Here is a link to the website:

A link to local and national resources:

A link to the first episode of our podcast, hosted by me and Jullian Villegas:


Stay Tuned for more episodes coming soon. I’m so looking forward to launching The Better Mindset podcast for teens, and am grateful to Youth Leadership Broward for focusing on teen mental health during Covid times. Hopefully, you will all find The Better Mindset to be helpful to you. Be well, Adam