I’m so proud of my mom for doing a podcast because she usually doesn’t like to have attention on her.

To be fair, most people prefer to hear from me (because of my age). But I know she’s excited that she could help her friends with their excellent new show.

Most people probably forget that she’s running the show as the Executive Director of Wuf Shanti because she lets me be the face of the Foundation, but she works really hard behind the scenes to make all of this possible. She’s my sounding board, agent, mentor, teacher, publicist, scheduler, event planner, editor, and basically, for her constant support in everything I do. Wuf Shanti could not be what it is without her hard work and dedication, and I’m very grateful.

She even has been known to wear the costume once I got too tall for it!

So let’s support her right back by listening to this interview she did.

Empower yourselves by listening to this podcast, for women by women. It’s all about health and wellness, work-life balance, relationships, navigating life, and supporting each other.

Jamie Goldberg Dokovna and Rina Kundalkar Clemens are the hosts. Thank you both for asking my mom to be a part of your journey and inviting her to join you on For the Love of Talk to talk about all things mindfulness.

It’s a great podcast. Check it out. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5xqLi9KJZyTCt7RdiccZo6?si=OXKP5ZO9TtqePOJ5hem1xA&dl_branch=1&fbclid=IwAR1anfNvah18B7BEhDwZ_oIVlyPFT3rVwe8SDANuUfrjvRAYToaSgMB7m2A&nd=1