What if the first thing that you do when you wake up every morning, is to appreciate… everything? Right before all of the thoughts of tasks and to do lists lay before you, pause for a moment of appreciation! Good mornings make good days!

So many of us have a great deal to be thankful for. Even in the midst of stressful times, there is always light and beauty all around us. When you first awaken, pause to really feel your breath. Take a long deep inhale through your nose and let that breath go in a long sigh. If you have the gift of sight, take in your surroundings, the colors, the light, the textures. If you have the gift of hearing, allow your ears to take in sounds from far away, as well as nearby. If you have the gift of movement in your physical body, give yourself a long stretch and feel your body open up. If you are fortunate enough to awaken in a soft bed with a roof over your head, pause and be so thankful for that! When you crawl out of bed and look into the mirror at your crazy morning hair and puffy eyes, tell yourself; I AM BEAUTIFUL, because you are! When you first have the taste of your favorite morning beverage, pause and really appreciate how it tastes, even closing your eyes to really sense it! Take the time time to send good energy to those of that are in need, and perhaps do not enjoy the same luxuries that you have. Gratitude unlocks the heart and allows love to flow freely!

As your morning unfolds, and the time comes for you to make your plans for the day, hold on to the positive thoughts you created upon waking. Write them down if it helps you to stay centered during the rest of your busy day. You have so much to be thankful for, so spread that  positive energy everywhere you go! Have a beautiful day every day!