Hello friends, we are so filled with love, joy, and excitement to introduce you to Wuf Shanti. Who is Wuf Shanti? He is the very first doggy to inspire a yogic-minded lifestyle for children. Wuf Shanti teaches the next generation all about the yogi state of mind, and encourages a dialogue about inclusion, positive thinking, peace, gratitude, and love.

Join Wuf Shanti in different countries across the world and inspire kids to make yoga fun and think positively. We’ve put our hearts and soul into this, and invite you to join our journey. There are more videos on the Learn section of our website (with steps as to how to do the poses), and there is more to come (more videos, games, mobile app, t-shirts, and a book), so check back daily, and please share the videos with your friends and help us build a wonderful community.

We are passionate about our belief that the world will be a brighter place if we can teach children to Think Well to Be Well, Think Happy to be Happy. It is our greatest desire that this character, who is so very special to our hearts, will become a beacon for others as well, and will help children live in light, grow up to be happy teenagers and content peace loving adults.

We want to take the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that believed in our mission from the beginning. Your support means so much to us!! We invite you to continue to join us on our journey.

Giving gratitude and thinking well, and with peace and love in our hearts, Wuf Shanti, Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste` =)