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Wuf Shanti is an adorable dog yoga character that travels the world and shares with children through yoga, meditation, positive thinking, fun, and great music, how to live mindfully, look on the bright side, be kind to others, and live in gratitude. Wuf Shanti was created by a kid for other kids, promotes health, wellness, […]


Chakra Balancing Meditation

To give a simple explanation, chakras are wheels of light or energy, and mantras are positive statements that bring a sense of ease to your day. For example, I am happy, safe, and healthy. The following meditation will guide you to different energy centers (chakras) as they rise up the spine all the way to the top of the head. Although the energy rises up the spine, you will sense it in the front of the body as well. You will repeat a mantra in each area, at least once but if time permits, repeat it three times. This is a simple and quick meditation that you can do in 5 minutes if that is all you have, or stretch it out to 20 minutes.

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