I was interviewed by Helen Maffini for the Mindfulness in Preschool Education Summit about Wuf Shanti, and guess who put in a surprise appearance? Yup, Wuf himself! It was so much fun. You can learn more about the preschool summit at https://mindbe-education.com/ and register to watch to hear me and lots of other mindfulness experts speak.

“I think it’s important to teach kids to choose to stay healthy physically &mentally &help them deal with stress &emotions in a better way so they can grow up to be less depressed and anxious teenagers, &happier, peace loving content adult.”

“I would say that we are stronger together &we must all work towards a better world for the next generation.This program needs to be mandatory in school at all levels and we need to make mental health the priority so we can change the world”

To hear what else we talk about and what Wuf Shanti has to say, please register for the mindfulness in preschool summit.