Day 5 of the #MindfulKidsPeaceSummit is here! The theme today is Social Emotional Learning, Interacting with Others, and Positive Psychology: More Mindfulness and how Teachers and Parents Can Help.

The online international Mindful Kids Peace Summit was created by teen, Adam Avin, for other teens, to be shown in schools across the world as part of the annual curriculum. It focuses on mental health & stopping violence. 50+ experts speak about diversity, inclusion, communication, kindness, anti bullying, peace, mindfulness, positivity, social emotional learning, emotional intelligence, coping with stress, coping with emotions, coping with trauma, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-compassion, positive psychology, interaction with others, & so much more. For more information about the #MindfulKidsPeaceSummit, Wuf Shanti, Kids Association for Mindfulness in Education and/or MindBe-Education, please visit and

Helen Maffini and I spoke with Sam Himelstein, Phd., of the Center for Adolescents Studies, about mindfulness in teens. He is offering a free training for people who register for our summit, so you should definitely check it out to hear what he has to say!

“To become a #mindfulness #teacher, it’s really simple, just commit your life to it. You need to have your own practice, and walk the path.”

“You guys (teens) have the key to the magic to help create real change on this planet in many different ways. I want to encourage all teens to do whatever you need to do to keep being you & keep finding yourself, what drives you, & makes you feel purposeful on the planet.”

To hear what else he has to say and register for the summit:

To learn more about Mr. Himmelstein’s organization, please visit: