This actually happened a few months ago, and was pretty cool. But the article about it just came out in the Chicken Soup for the Soul newsletter, which goes out to all their writers. They asked me to write about meeting him because CSFTS selects pioneers in the industry to being each chapter with a relevant quote. In my case, CSFTS chose a quote from Jon Kabat Zinn, the Godfather of Mindfulness, to open up my chapter, Mindfulness Matters, in their Think Positive Live Happy edition. The quote they chose from him was “Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.” I honestly had nothing to do with who they picked or which quote they picked to start my chapter, and it was a total coincidence that I got to meet him in person just after the book was published, but really great anyway. So, of course, I brought him a copy of the book, and he said that we are “forever linked through CSFTS,” which was nice of him to say. One day soon I hope to have him on the Mindful Kids Peace Summit as one of our experts. Other people that I got to see at the retreat include meditation expert Sharon Salzberg and Ross Robinson from the Holistic Life Foundation.