Day 2 of the MKPS re-release with new content. This time around, by request, in addition to our mindfulness and SEL content, we have added content about mental health, substance abuse, phone and gaming addiction, suicide prevention, and trafficking.

Check out this interview with JG Larochette, of the Mindful Life Project. He started this program as a teacher, and now it’s a major non-profit bringing the benefit of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation to schools everywhere. We spoke about the importance of getting these programs into early education, and being our true selves.

“If we say that physical education is important and academic education is important, well, mental well-being education is the foundation of both of those, so mindfulness should be mandatory in schools.”

“Your authentic self is your real self and that’s what we want to see, so you don’t have to act or be any different. If you are depressed or anxious, it’s ok to feel it because it’s part of our human beingness. Emotions are to be felt, not avoided. If we can process them in healthy ways, then we can move beyond them.”

“Without judgment is the key, because instead of criticizing the thoughts, it’s like, “Oh, thoughts” and that’s the biggest gift. So many of us are caught in wanting to be perfect, and instead of just BEing. We have to stop perfection messaging because we are overwhelming our nervous system. Your authentic true self is what you need to shine a light on. There’s never been another you in the world, and that’s all we need.”

To hear what else he has to say and register for the summit:

The online international Mindful Kids Peace Summit was created by teen mental health education advocate, Adam Avin, for other teens, to be shown in schools across the world as part of the annual curriculum. It focuses on mental health & stopping violence. 70+ experts speak about diversity, inclusion, communication, kindness, anti bullying, peace, mindfulness, positivity, social emotional learning, emotional intelligence, coping with stress, coping with emotions, coping with trauma, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-compassion, positive psychology, interaction with others, & so much more. For more information about the #MindfulKidsPeaceSummit, #WufShanti, or the #KidsAssociationforMindfulnessinEducation, please visit,, and/or

To learn more about JG Larochette and Mindful Life Project, please visit:

Thank you so much JG for joining us on the MKPS! We really appreciate it!