Day 3 of the MKPS re-release with new content. This time around, by request, in addition to our mindfulness and SEL content, we have added content about mental health, substance abuse, phone and gaming addiction, suicide prevention, and trafficking.

Check out this interview with Todd Wolfenberg, of Yoga International. We spoke about the importance of yoga and movement in mental health.

“Mental health is a very normal thing that lots of people deal with on a day to day basis, and even high-functioning, creative, successful people. Yoga has an effect on the body and the mind. Yoga and meditation are about self-understanding. If you have a better understanding of yourself, then you will be a little better prepared to deal with things when they come up.”

“You’re going to have good days and bad days, happiness and depressions, and that’s okay. Honesty and openness about that really helps the process, so as parents, we should talk about it with our kids. Nothing is permanent. Throughout the day, you’ll have changes, you’ll feel good part of the day, bad part of the day, and that’s normal. So if you have these tools to use when you’re not feeling as strong as you want to be, they can help you go to your next meeting with a clear space and not bring the negativity with you.”

To hear what else he has to say and register for the summit:

The online international Mindful Kids Peace Summit was created by teen mental health education advocate, Adam Avin, for other teens, to be shown in schools across the world as part of the annual curriculum. It focuses on mental health & stopping violence. 70+ experts speak about diversity, inclusion, communication, kindness, anti bullying, peace, mindfulness, positivity, social emotional learning, emotional intelligence, coping with stress, coping with emotions, coping with trauma, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-compassion, positive psychology, interaction with others, & so much more. For more information about the #MindfulKidsPeaceSummit, #WufShanti, or the #KidsAssociationforMindfulnessinEducation, please visit,, and/or

To learn more about Yoga International’s courses, including the teen meditations that I recorded for YI (which was so cool by the way), please visit:

Thank you so much Todd for joining us on the MKPS! We really appreciate it!