It was great to be interviewed by Chad Cooper on his live radio show, Legendary Lifestyles. Check out his show on, Positive Talk radio. We talked a lot about the benefits of mindfulness, some misconceptions, mindfulness in education, social media, compassion, and more.

At one point, during a commercial break, Mr. Cooper asked me about other interviews and if I’ve had any challenging questions, so I told him about the time that one interviewer asked me questions having nothing to do with mindfulness, on random subjects, and I had no idea what to answer. So, when we came back from commercial, he said, “And now we are going to talk to Adam about cyber-currency.” It was really funny, and I’m not sure how I didn’t burst out laughing. I’m sure the audience was like, “huh?” because that has nothing to do with mindfulness, but I appreciated the joke.

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Thank you Chad Cooper and HealthyLife.Net – All Positive Talk Radio for having me on the show. It was a lot of fun.

Mr. Cooper helps his audience develop the skills to achieve success and happiness.


*Photo of Chad Cooper provided by Chad Cooper

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You should also check out his organization, The Goodness Tour, which brings music and art empowerment to people facing adversity all over the world.