After the book was released, lots of cool book events happened that made me smile. One of course, was the Mindful Monday event with UD. I cannot even describe how awesome that event was, with book readings, and book signings, and even book paintings!

The Udonis Haslem Foundation asked artist Courtney Einhorn to paint the cover the book “Stress Less” in real time! Then Udonis Haslem and I both signed it. And now it goes on my wall. Thank you so much!!!!

Another neat thing that happened was when some moms had a “care package” party. These moms got together to make care packages for their kids at college. And look what made the box, “Stress Less!” Thank you to these moms for sharing! You are awesome!

Both of these book happenings were unique and I wanted to make sure to share them with you. Let me know if you have any other great book release ideas!

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